Who we are

We are your go-to facility management company for all your facility demands. Byward provides knowledge, management skills and office capacity to small and medium-sized businesses (SME).


Byward acts as a solutions manager for a variety of tasks. We focus on office accommodation, interior design, logistic management, cleaning solutions, IT assistance and sustainability concepts. But please do not hesitate if your company has other needs. We can also assist you with other assignments like event management, catering, marketing services and recruitment.

No task is too small and no challenge is too much. We’ve got an ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’ attitude and have a strong personal approach. You can turn to us for temporary support or long-term commitment. We work with partners that are trustworthy, experienced and focus on environmental-friendly solutions.

About Us

The founders of Byward Facility Management originally met at the Byward market in Ottawa, Canada. It is a beautiful and bustling place that brings people together. This market symbolizes our company perfectly: it has a community feel and offers a perfect match of supply and demand.

Byward Facility Management is not the biggest facility company, but that’s exactly what makes us stand out. We focus on a strong personal approach. We listen to you, empathize and we value working together to come up with the best solutions for your company.


Sustainability has become increasingly important to businesses. Companies engage more and more in sustainability not only because they want to minimize their impact to the environment but also because they want to cut their costs while simultaneously build a better reputation.

We offer advice on how to make tour company more sustainable. Byward is able to support you with environment-friendly solutions like time-regulated light sources and heating and clever shading solutions to naturally cool down your office-space. We work together with partners that have an environment-friendly philosophy.

Please contact us about sustainable offices and helping your company become more environmentally friendly.


  • IT Support
  • Logistic Management
  • Office Cleaning
  • Interior Office Design
  • Sustainability Solutions
  • Event management
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment